Exhibition Date: 
Thursday, September 7, 2017 to Monday, November 13, 2017

For the Spring show at Eclectica Design and Art, the theme centers around the binaries of dreams and reality, and the oscillation between visual, verbal and textual. The show will explore the revolving understandings of contemporary art practice today – in a world that has situated itself on the edge of a precipice. 


The title of the exhibition is derived from and inspired by Rene Magritte’s expansive work ‘The Treachery of Images’ with a particular association with his ‘Key to Dreams’. Complex suggestions for reconsideration of the world’s realities are posed by Magritte and furthered by John Berger in essay 1 of ‘Ways of Seeing’. In conversation with these readings is the technological revolution that has introduced devices such as the Occulus Rift into our imaginings and thus directly into the contemporary art world. The sculptural work of Ben Coutouvidis and Jaco Sieberhagen depart from the blatant formal qualities of three-dimensional work by exploring more emotive concepts through realistic or recognisable forms, often alluding to dream-like memories and nostalgic moods. Confronting reality and dreams, Rosemary Joynt and Alet Swarts play with realism in painting while juxtaposing their concepts with a discourse of the future of painting. 


The balancing act of where to go from here, as the drama to remain relevant becomes increasingly tenuous. Today, more and more, it is up to artists, as problem solvers and future thinkers to visualize possible dreams into realities. Mark Ruatenbach has consistently explored the unexplainable, the blurred and the often quite otherworldly in his mixed media works. For this exhibition, he furthers his butterfly series pushing the understanding of nature and nurture in our ‘man’s’ world. Amelia Malaatjie’s work uncovers the friction in the media through her creations pairing different textures, representations and materials


Eclectica Design and Art works through these themes with the selected artists in our forthcoming group show. We explore possibility, chance and visualities through new ways of creating, asking questions and creating conversations. 



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